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The key to the success of our WR brand is very simple – we develop the latest technological things for the fight and closely monitor the quality of its products.

In the range of our products, you can find various products – from simulators to a keychain.

We do not forget about the little things that fill our entire space and create a certain atmosphere. Such product as a passport cover with wrestlers – subtly hints to the examiner who is standing in front of him! 😉

A keyring-borsovok always decorates your keys. This product can be used as an accessory in the car – used as a suspension on the rear-view mirror.

 Also, the creative team WR did not forget about the daily attribute of our life – a cup. Every day at least 2 times we pick up this thing, and each time a cup with wrestlers will remind us of sports, about training!

A unique product is the number of frames for cars with the inscription “Wrestling Ukraine”, “Boxing Ukraine”, “Judo Ukraine”.
 Submersible serve to fix the state number to the body of the car and at the same time an accessory for the car. Original and stylish look at the car! Suitable for all types of fastening! This framework on license plates will emphasize your lifestyle – fighting style!
The numbered frames with wrestling symbols are sold in a set – 2 pcs.

Puzzles with wrestlers from WR – is a unique opportunity to do both interesting and useful work for both a child and an adult, and even better together! It’s a great way to share his interests in the fight. The popularity of this entertainment is growing nowadays. And it’s not surprising, because the puzzle is a challenge – will I be able to solve this task and collect this puzzle? In addition, puzzles are not only interesting, but also very useful both for children and adults. That’s why many adults themselves do not mind spending a useful evening, collecting a picture.

We are trying to systematically update our range and add something new and unique to the Greco-Roman, freestyle wrestling and other martial arts.

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