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wrestling carpet

The wrestling carpet is synonymous with the word “struggle”, it is an integral part of training, competition for all kinds of martial arts.


The wrestling carpet was invented especially for martial arts, since all kinds of wrestling include various techniques, throws, blows, which can be traumatic for athletes. That is why, as an additional protection and a softer drop every gym should buy a quality wrestling carpet.


The carpet for the fight is an obligatory part of the equipment of the sports hall for Greco-Roman wrestling, freestyle wrestling, judo, jujitsu, sambo and other kinds of wrestling.


Mats for wrestling consist of two parts: the base (filling) of polyethylene foam and the durable outer part – PVC coating.


The base of the mat should be of medium density for better cushioning of the carpet. Filling polyethylene foam guarantees lightness, moisture resistance, wear resistance, non-friable, does not crumble. This type of filling is the most suitable!


The outer part of the wrestling mat is a PVC coating. Such a coating gives confidence in the necessary protection in case of falls in fights, in strong adhesion to the mat – the foot does not slip, and does not damage it when it comes into contact with the skin – it does not leave scratches.



Quality wrestling carpet – a pledge of safe and useful training.


For such types of wrestling as judo, karate use a different type of cover, namely – tatami.

Tatamas differ in their rough surface, which is typical for a certain kind of martial arts. They consist of several parts that collect like puzzles. Each part of the tatam tightly adjacent to each other and gives a solid protection to athletes.



Marking on wrestling carpets can be any – from a monophonic coating to an Olympic tricolor coloring! We make to order any size, color and type of marking.


We offer you comfortable and safe sports!


Buy wrestling mat, buy a carpet for the fight, buy tatami for the fight, you can in our online store Wrestling Accessories. Contact us on any of the contacts listed in the “contacts” section or add an order to the basket! Our consultants will contact you in the near future!

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