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Rubber expander

Rubber expander is a unique gadget for playing sports! The place of origin of this type of sports expander is the wrestling hall! It was in the wrestling halls that the wrestling rubber was used for circular training on Greco-Roman wrestling and wrestling. Also the beginning of the popular direction in sport today – crossfit can be considered including the wrestling hall, where exercises with rubber for training are very popular, as well as other speed-strength exercises.

 Sports achievements of the society go forward every day, new halls and sections appear, new strong sports appear! Such a symbiosis of wrestling and boxing became mixed martial arts, MMA and other fighting sports that absorbed the long-term experience of these sports and are gaining huge popularity nowadays! We cooperate with many sports clubs, we provide a rubber expander as a prototype, for practical application and working out all possible directions of our product! We want to be the best and we are very grateful for the feedback from our partners and customers!
The popularity of the expander is caused by a wide variety of exercises that can be done with this simulator! At first glance, the usual gum for fitness replaces almost the whole gym! Because it can be used to perform exercises on all groups of muscles of the body – back, legs, press, arms, chest. It is also very often used in the reconstruction of joints after surgery, rehabilitation after injuries and exercise therapy. In order to properly perform the exercises, read the illustrated description in the product passport.

As an expander of rubber used in other sports:
– in football as a simulator for running out and in exercises with chips;
– in athletics for load during running and acceleration;
– throwing a spear with a special spear simulator;
– judo with the capture of the kimono (jiu jitsu, sambo)


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